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Coffee and Tea
Creamer Tablets

Individually Packaged

Moo Pods is a revolutionary tea and coffee
creamer tablet available in original and unsweetened.

Each tablet is equal to a teaspoon of cream and a teaspoon of sugar.

Moo Pods Tablets

Moo Pods, Inc. is a diversity aware female owned corporation producing convenient individually packaged NON DAIRY creamer tablets with a 24 month shelf life and no refrigeration required. The Moo Pods tablets contain no artificial flavoring or coloring and only 10 calories per tablet, enjoying your hot beverage has never been easier. Drop 2 tablets into your drink (coffee, tea, hot chocolate), stir and enjoy.

Moo Pods

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Happy Clients

“I tried Moo Pods, Great smooth simple taste, great packaging-really eye catching. Best of all - no mess!! Love it.”

T. Rosti, Del Mar, CA

“Very neat new product, tastes just like creamer and sugar, very convenient packets, perfect for camping. ”

Moo Pods Taster, Los Angeles, CA

“Moo Pods is a good concept, small, neat & clean, smells like a creamer, looks like a creamer in a tablet shape, 2 tablets are good for 1 cup of coffee, dissolves in under 1 minute, could be slightly sweeter but does the job, great for in the office for clients. ”

G. Kostanian, Studio City, CA

“Neat product, great for me on the road all the time drinking lots of coffee, I have only been using the samples but they dissolve good & its just like putting sugar & coffee mate in a tablet, except it doesn't spill. ”

D. Sarris, Sacramento, CA

“I am not a coffee drinker but I drink a lot of tea, I tested this product & it dissolved nicely in a hot cup adding a taste of milk & sugar. Worked best in hot drinks not luke warm or cold. ”

G. Gibs, United Kingdom